3 Effective Business Tips every business should know: Do you remember your first week as a business owner? You were probably just like the all of the business owners. Your first week was pretty darned happy and bit on the proud side. Your spirit was so high that we could conquer the world. Now you are too busy conquering our own little corner of the office or your company. You are far from the desired goal and grabbing attention to the rest of the world. If this is true, it’s time to learn a few business tips from successful marketers who have Made it Big. This will help an entrepreneur earn big in the business. Learn Business Tips fast as you never know when the next idea will be worth a million dollars. Let’s learn something new to boost your business to the next level.

3 Effective Business Tips every business should know
3 Effective Business Tips every business should know (Image Courtesy: Pexels.com)

1. Create Discounts & Special Offers

Everyone loves discounts. It’s like getting money Back in the Pocket.

– Harkirat Singh Paras, Entrepreneur & Author

Discounts and offers is the first business tip in business. Everyone loves discounts and special offers. A special offer exactly feels like getting money back in the pocket. Generally, customers do not purchase the products or combination of products if they are costly, non-essential or unpopular. Additionally, It’s also observed that customers do not buy a product if they do not trust it. Never lose hope if your product lies in one of these categories. Design pricing and discounts in such a way that your customers buy from you. Let’ discuss about discounts and offers in detail.

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Well, Discounting is the art of selling goods and services at price less than the regular price or MRP. Businesses use Discounts and offers collaboratively or separately to attract and retain customers. Offers, on the other hand, are designed to facilitate customers with Freebies and packs. The most famous example is “Buy 1 Get 1 Free“. Millions of Businesses use this business tip and actually increases their sales exponentially.

To provide Discounts and Offers, you need to grab a few items that are related, pack them in one box or packaging, discount the price, and highlight in your stores and marketing. As a result, Your customers will be excited and surely buy the products, thinking to be getting a good deal on them. If you think about this from your standpoint, you’ve already sold three or four items rather than just one. Hence, combination offers are winning deals for everyone and accelerate selling growth.!

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2. Targeting is the Key

If you know who are your customers, what they do and where they are, you succeed 90%. 10% is on you, how you close the deal.

– Harkirat Singh Paras, Entrepreneur & Author

Targeting is the Business tip of Twenty-First Century Businesses. You will hear the targeting word millions of times in your business operations. Targeting helps a business to reach its potential customers in the right way at the right time and at the right place. Niche markets are everywhere and even right under your nose if you notice in the right way. These markets are groups of people who share common traits like interests, age, demographics, work, behaviour, country, and much more. Think about it and you will get to know that your potential customers are living near you. Astonishing Findings !

Evaluate these groups of people, and discover the unique needs and desires they share. This will not only help you to design your advertising campaign according to need but also helps to create positive image of brand to the world. It’s very simple in today’s world of technology to take your current ads and make a few changes to adjust to the niches within a few seconds. They’ll be impressed that you understand THEM and selling exactly what they want to BUY. This will create a special bond between your product and your customers, a heart-to-heart connection. The exponential increase in your profits will be the best way of thanks you can get. Start this Business Tip Today and share your result in the comments !

3. Set Up Referral Programs

People pay more attention to a task when it is linked with benefits

– Harkirat Singh Paras, Entrepreneur & Author

Successful marketers know the value of referral programs. They develop the ability to turn their customers into advocates of their company. Often, they don’t even need to directly ask customers to refer their product/service to others. Their willingness to go the extra wins customer loyalty and support. Naturally, satisfied customers will refer their friends and family to your business if you will take good care of them. It will be a jackpot when your customers get benefits from referral. Referral Programs are one of the best business tips to use when you are new in the market. Let’s understand how Referral Programs Work for you:

Step 1: Quality is at Top

The foremost step to getting more referrals is to provide top-quality services and products to the customers. Research says that every satisfied customer share at least three people about you. This Three-people Chain can help you to get as many customers you want in a very little period. This is a No-COST referral and saves your money.

Step 2: Feedbacks & Suggestions

Setup Feedback and Suggestion System in your Business. This will help you in getting real-time quality issues. Additionally, you will get a lot of emails, mobile, WhatsApp, addresses, and other data that will help you in marketing your products digitally or by print. Getting referrals written on their feedback form is One of the great benefits of feedback and suggestions. A Wise Entrepreneur can set the empire from Zero to infinity based on Data. Start collecting Feedback and suggestions right Now!

Step 3: Introduce Referral Program

Everyone loves extra Money. Referrals System is becoming an essential business system in the contemporary Business ecosystem. Every successful company is asking their customers and dealers for referrals. Just Name it!
Introduce Referral Programs to your customers and dealers in detail. Help them understand your referral program including financial and ordering, product launch and other exclusive benefits. One of the best example of Referral Program is premium memberships for 3 months to lifetime, depending upon your business model.

These 3 Business Tips are the key to exponential success. In an exclusive research and analysis by us, it is found that World’s top business empires are becoming more and more Big by using these three Fundamental (Right to Say it fundamental) Business Tips in their business. If you are aspiring to become the next unicorn in your market, keep working towards these business tips simultaneously and consistently.

Harkirat Singh

Harkirat Singh Paras is an Indian Entrepreneur, Engineer, Scientist, Investor and Business Consultant based in India. He is well-known for his work with top Multi-National Companies, Government Organizations and Thousands of small businesses in India and overseas. As featured by Miss Universe India 2020, Yahoo and Smile Train, Harkirat Singh Paras is an inspiration to millions of youngsters for his hard work and Always-on-Top attitude towards life and Success after going through six surgeries several failures. He got nominated for several awards by prestigious organizations globally and recently conferred with Brand of the Year Awards 2020 for one of his iconic brands. Harkirat Singh is Founder and Director of NB Group of Industries, a multinational conglomerate and Umbrella company with its roots in Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics & Information Technology and Data Services globally.


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