We are all aware of Social media and its importance in our life. Since Social media plays an important role in our life. It is becoming very important to understand its value and impact on our life. This is the reason to question like, how to build a successful social media presence. Similarly, we can also say that Social Media is dominantly affecting our lives although it may be in a good sense or bad sense depending upon the user. In today’s blog, we are going to learn the most fundamental solution by learning how to build a successful social media presence with Zero Money.

Before starting, let me share an interesting but important story will all of you.

I started blogging and started photography when I was 16. To show my work to the world, I decidedly started posting the content on social media. I was posting on daily basis.

I started noticing high reach and search results on Facebook and Twitter as a result of consistency (we will talk about it lately). There was no Instagram or any other social media platform to post reels and get likes immediately.

I started getting a lot of friend requests, likes and comments on my posts and photos. People were starting recognising me in the public and as a result of this, I made a lot of friends in my region including some big creators who appreciated my work and awarded me with big social media projects.

As a result, I (and the brands I work for) am getting suggested on all social media platforms and many verified creators and organizations are following us collectively.

How was this happening? How I got so much attention on social media without spending any penny? How my social media was growing without posting photos or videos on Facebook and other Social media platforms?

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail – How to build a successful social media presence with zero investment or we can also say like, without spending a penny.

Before Starting, Let us consider the following prerequisite checkpoints to be completed:

  • Successful Creation of Public Profile or Page on respective social media platforms.
  • Accurate and Genuine Name of Page (This is important in future for Verification, Ads Policy, Blue Tick and Other legal and authentic measurements)
  • Human-friendly username that helps people to understand what your page is for.
  • Attractive Display photo and Cover photo on your social media platforms.
  • Two-Step Verification completed with a Mobile number for protection against unauthorized login / Hacking.

Completed the prerequisite steps? Let’s move to the first step towards your Social media Success.

1. Complete your “About” & “Bio ” Sections

The about section is like your Identity on Social media. We all hold some legal document as our identity in our country. Without this identity, we may face many problems or may end up in jail. Similarly, your About section plays an important role in creating your authenticity and virality on social media platforms.

Your complete About section reflects the feeling of security, authenticity and trust to the users and social media algorithm Thus, This is an important step to building a successful social media presence.

When you have a completed Bio or About Section, the social media algorithm will automatically suggest your content to the users. This will lead to an increase in daily viewership and suggestions to more users on or off social media platforms.

Please note that there may be different sets of data required in the about section depending on the social media platform. Add accurate and meaningful data in the about /bio section.

2. Create Great Content

Let me clarify one important thing. Social media platforms are programmed in such a way that they will show the best and most personalized content to the user to retain their attention. The reason is, People love good content and good content brings comments, likes and shares. As a result, Social media algorithm understands the behaviour and bring similar content having good reactions (Like, comment, share).

Keep in mind that content is the main factor behind your social media success.

For Example, you are using Facebook and an interesting video comes up in which cats are behaving nicely. They win your heart and you press your thumb and comment “Lovely” on the video. That is Case one.

Now after some time, you saw another video of cats. In this video, cats are irritating their owner. You may watch or you may not watch. But you will not be commenting on or liking that video.

Result: The video of nice cats gets more likes and comments. Thus, the Algorithm will show this video to more users. This will help in ranking in top content, suggested sections, and search results on social media platforms and vice versa.

Create Content- How to build a successful social media presence with zero investment - Fully explained with examples
Create Content- How to build a successful social media presence with zero investment – Fully explained with examples

3. Create a Niche

You do not know Niche? Let me tell the meaning of Niche in simple meaning.

Any specific category is called a niche. When we post content related to business success, it is called Business Niche. When we post content on How to, it is called How to Niche. Thus, a Niche is a category of a specified field or area.

In layman’s language, Let’s understand this by taking the example of a doctor.

Every Doctor is specialized in a specified field like eyes, heart, orthopaedics, etc. Similarly, EveryPage or profile’s niche is about a particular, specified expertise.

If you want to Build a successful social media presence with zero investment, your Niche will help you to achieve this milestone.

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This helps search engines & Social media algorithms to identify what your website, page or profile is about. It helps google and other search engines to understand your expertise. This will help you to reach the users who are interested in watching your content. We call them the target audiences.

How amazing it would be if you posted a video and your targeted audience found it on Google! Double Benefits and Rankings!

Please note that Search engines and Social media algorithms are set in such a way that they will show videos as per the user’s interest and past watch history. Also, You do not go to the dentist to check your stomach. Similarly, Algorithms will never show your videos if you post everything without a proper niche.

Make separate pages for each niche and reach the audience in the right way. One page – One Expertise – One niche – More Success. Thus, it will technically help you to build a successful social media presence with zero investment.

Niche is important for social media success

4. Don’t Purchase Fake Likes and Views

Fake Likes and Views is a One-Side ticket to Failure. Your Social media can be severely affected by this single mistake. Believe it or not, Social media algorithms are more advanced than you think. They can easily detect whether you purchased the Likes, comments and views from SMM Market or not.

Fake likes are like cancer. You can show up to people that your page is growing well because you are getting many likes. But internally, your social media algorithm will blacklist you and penalise you.

This will result in poor or no exposure to the viewers. Thus, eventually, your social media page or profile will end up with no interactions.

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This is true that many creators are using these kinds of services. But if you will do this, you will automatically get to know that maintaining that kind of fakeness and hype will need more money infused. Hence, this is not good for your authenticity and pocket.

It is also observed that buying fake likes and views can ban you from getting Blue Tick, running Ads, or ultimately the action of deleting your account by the social media team.

So, Beware of this kind of fakeness and work on your dreams. Success and Courage can not be purchased.

Fakeness is always bad. Social Media Success Vs Failure

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is the Key. You heard it right. Consistent players always win the race just like Tortoise. If you have started the page with a dream, don’t step back. Keep striving for success. As we all know that success is not a night game. It needs a lot of patience, smart work, technique, strategies, planned execution and much more.

To achieve mass response, you need to post the content regularly and after proper time intervals. You can use a calendar and/or other useful planners to plan your content wisely.

It is important to understand the difference between spamming and posting. Do not post too early that your first post does not have the proper time to surface on the audience’s feed. Post after a fixed time interval by calculating the proper intervals.

How to calculate? Let me tell you one solution: Notice how long your post gets likes and comments. When it starts decreasing, post another video accordingly. Generally, One Post needs 36 to 48 hours to breathe and roar on social media feeds. So, you can plan your posting schedule accordingly.

Consistent Posting helps social media pages to grow rapidly.

6. Audience Interaction

Interact with the audience. Whenever you get a comment or a share, like and reply gives your audience a feeling of connectivity. This creates heart to heart relationship between the creator and the audience.

We all have noticed many social media personalities or creators and stars who buy some time from their busy schedules to connect with their audience.

Connecting with your audience is important in many aspects. The followers feel overwhelmed and recognized when they receive your reply or notification in which you have reacted to their reactions to your post.

This is the same feeling that you will feel when you will comment on the photo of your favourite superhero and he replies to you with two hearts emojis.

Create weekly, monthly or sudden announcements of interaction with your audience to connect with them and make them your advocate in society. They will be ready to fight with others to defend you.

Shah Rukh Khan is a great example of an Audience Interaction Strategy. He has successfully attained excellency in Audience Connect, a True “Dil see Dil ka Rishta”


7. Stay Up to Date with Trends

The Internet is changing at the speed of light. Every new trend is starting in the morning and ends in the evening. It is very important to understand what your audience likes or prefers. To retain your audience, you should stay up to date with the recent trends on the internet.

Google Trends is the most effective platform to stay updated about current trends. Google Trends has the most advanced and powerful algorithm that will help you to identify the most resent searches on Google in realtime and in a selected period of time.

Additionally, you can also personally surface the internet to see what are the recent trends in the internet market. You can also use Google Keywords planner to check what people are searching on the internet.

I, personally suggest Google Keyword Planner and watching Reels to check what is going on.

Staying Up to Date will help you build a successful Social Media Presence with Zero Investment. Moreover, there are many other ways to check what’s trending. Some of them are:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Explore Tab
  2. Youtube “Trending”
  3. Google Search
  4. Regional, National & International News Portals and Channels
  5. Newspaper
  6. Advertisements


So, these are the top parameters to Build a successful social media presence with zero investment. Don’t feel shy or never feel demotivated when your content is not performing well. You just need to change the way of creating content. Do good research before creating content. Learn human behaviour by observing your behaviour. This article was on How to build a successful social media presence with Zero investment. I will be writing nearly a hundred articles on How To. Keep reading and keep sharing this with your fellow social media creators. Don’t forget to save our website on Bookmark to get insights on the How To Series.

Harkirat Singh

Harkirat Singh Paras is an Indian Entrepreneur, Engineer, Scientist, Investor and Business Consultant based in India. He is well-known for his work with top Multi-National Companies, Government Organizations and Thousands of small businesses in India and overseas. As featured by Miss Universe India 2020, Yahoo and Smile Train, Harkirat Singh Paras is an inspiration to millions of youngsters for his hard work and Always-on-Top attitude towards life and Success after going through six surgeries several failures. He got nominated for several awards by prestigious organizations globally and recently conferred with Brand of the Year Awards 2020 for one of his iconic brands. Harkirat Singh is Founder and Director of NB Group of Industries, a multinational conglomerate and Umbrella company with its roots in Industrial Manufacturing, Electronics & Information Technology and Data Services globally.


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Very useful tips for social media growth. Thanks for sharing this in a precise way. You have Great understanding of things.

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